Don’t motor too quickly to motorino

I was going to title this entry “craparino” but, honestly, it’s way too harsh.  The food at motorino is not crap but it is certainly not all that some would make it out to be. Plus, I only sampled the pizza.  Having said this, the pizza is their main selling point so you’d want to make sure you get that part right.

First things first. Long wait times and rude staff infuriate me more than anything. So immediately motorino lost points as I can check both of those boxes. Granted, the staff can’t help it when a couple of hipsters decide to occupy a table whilst the wax lyrical over their wine despite the line ever growing, but it could have been better handled by doing anything except siding with the infuriated patrons.

Another thing which could have been better handled was the empty table of six that was left vacant because the occupants decided to nick off to the pub or something leaving everyone perplexed as to why six seats sat vacant. Now, despite the fact that they don’t take reservations, they do apparently hold seats even if all (or any?) party members are not there. Now, telling your frustrated customers that that they can’t be seated because six people have disappeared makes the situation worse for future reference. If they sort out this nonsense, they can use the extra space full of waiting patrons for more tables.

Onto the Pizza. Let me get straight to the point, the pizza is average. That’s the truth. Having sampled my fair share of awesomeness reincarnated into pizza form as well as many pizza disgraces, I’d put motorino on the low end of the above average class. One or two of the concoctions were interesting, but nothing special.  Lastly, the pizza sauce would go great over a bowl of pasta, but was too overpowering for a pizza killing the flavors on the simpler pizzas.

The portions, whilst leaving me full, were too small especially when trying to decide on group purchases. Larger pizzas of the same quality and price are easy to find which will mean big problems when the novelty wears off.

Also, a wood fired oven does not make pizza awesome people. Secondly, a wood fired oven you don’t know how to use makes it worse.  We sat close to the oven and I saw one of the staff scraping burnt bits off the pizza base leaving a hole in the base.  Rather than throwing this away, the preparation was finished and the pizza served. Poor form guys.

Other lowlights: the quality of the olives was way below par (some were like mush), no bread at the tables (is this an italian restaurant???) and no liquor license just yet so BYO. Granted, the license is underway, but why was it not done prior to opening?

The one highlight was the lemon/lime limonata was really good. 

Overall, the experience left me wondering why i didn’t spend my 45 minutes in line for Grimaldi’s. Seriously, if you want pizza equal to what is sold at motorino you can find it easier. If you want to wait in line for 45 minutes, it might as well be for something better.

Rating: 6/10. Good but not great.



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